Thursday, January 10, 2008

CRFC's Konia area evangelists

These young guys are working as evangelists with Christian Revival Fellowship Churches in the Konia area where so much rapid church growth is happening. These are not the only guys. There are others. They are under the regional leadership of Pastor Willie Johnson. These are some of the guys whom Amis Chapel Baptist Church in North Carolina is helping support quarterly in Liberia.

Wegee Beyan, evangelist at the church in the village of Farzeyeazu.
He is eighteen years old, was saved in 2005 in the Konia church plant, and is working on his high school diploma at the government school across the road from the church. He is in seventh grade, I believe.

Gayflor Korvah, Pastor Evangelist at Bomi Hills Church.

Paul Aggrey, assistant evangelist at Bomi Hills Church.
He is Dennis Aggrey's youngest brother of 39 children.
He was a young boy still at home (age 11) the night his father, Dr. James Aggrey, a Canadian-trained medical doctor, was murdered by Charles Taylor's rebel forces in the early 1990's, for treating wounded from both sides in the battle occurring in the area.

Pastor Willie Johnson, pastor of the Konia Church.
He also oversees the church plants in the area.

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