Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Konia School dedicated

Source: The Analyst

The concluding program of the Christian Revival Church Association in Konia, Lofa County coincided with the dedication of the Konia Christian Revival Mission School, a US$ 33,000.00 structure which according to the Zorzor District Education Officer; John K. S. Mulbah “Is the best elementary school throughout Lofa County”. The DEO justified his description of the school by saying that the school has a good library, spacious classrooms, proper seating capacity as well as high metal fencing that protects students against the onrush of speeding vehicles along the main highway. Mr. Mulbah also praised the quality of instructional staff and disciplined student body.

DEO Mulbah then cautioned citizens of Konia to take good care of the building and invest in their children by sending them to school, which according to him is the surest investment parents can give their children. DEO Mulbah then lauded the transformative type of education that he said the Revival Church is instituting in his district. He however lamented that despite the level of sacrifices done by teachers to prepare leaders of society in all areas, teachers are not well paid or recognized for their services.

For his part, the representative of the Samaritans Purse Country Director, Mr. Sylvester Saah, praised the CRCA Mission Director for the reliable partnership that enabled his organization and CRCA to actualize the school in Konia. Mr. Saah urged parents to take advantage of the school by sending their children to learn and obtain degrees that are nontransferable to other people. Mr. Saah then declared the structure formally opened.

In his response to the statements, the Mission Director of CRCA, Rev. Dennis T. Aggrey praised the believers of Konia church, headed by Pastor Willie Y. Johnson and his wife Mrs. Farzee Johnson for remaining faithful to the objective of building a better school for the kids. He also thanked the construction supervisors led by Anthony Gileguor for the sacrifice that did not involve much financial reward.

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