Thursday, March 6, 2008

Church planting in Malawu; OCC in Lofa

Dennis Aggrey, CRCA's mission director, reports that in the last two weeks, CRCA has been involved heavily in church planting efforts in a village called Malawu, a town heavily dedicated to witchcraft and the bush society. "The spirit of God is greatly moving," writes Dennis. Malawu is in Lofa County.

The first two weeks of February, CRCA spearheaded Samaritans Purse ministry Operation Christmas Child distribution in upper Lofa. "We gave out shoe boxes to over 20,000 kids. This was the best OCC distribution ever in Libieria," he reports.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jawajeh & Yangayah

New Ministry Opening in Jawajeh and Yangayah

In February 2007, we officially opened our church planting ministry in Jawajeh and Yangayah amongst the Gola tribe. Pastor Rennie Carr and his wife are the pastor leaders. Davidson and Mrs. Mulbah were assigned to do Community Health Education in the Jawajeh area. Presently, we have six churches with three underway for worship place construction.

Pastor Shiref and the late Ma Watter were assigned in the Yangajah area. Presently, we have eight churches planted in this area. Watter and Shiref also did Community Health Education. The “Jesus Film” was shown in all 14 villages and over 4,000 people prayed to receive Christ. Up to this point, we have 23 churches and 27 pastors.

Our Ministry Partnerships

Christian Revival Church Association is in partnership with many church and parachurch groups.


One of the organization we are partnering with is “Water of Life—Liberia”, (Living Water Carolinas). We hosted four mission teams from this organization. We took them into villages where we did 13 water wells and medical clinics. During each visit, we show the Jesus Film and minister to the children. In Lofa County, we also did evangelism crusades in villages around Konia.


  • Samaritan’s Purse is one of our donor organizations.

  • They have helped us put in six fish ponds in Tumukolia

  • Six more fish ponds are under construction in Konia

  • Trained our church members in Community Health Education

  • Give training in raising sheep and providing sheep for some of our church members

  • Help with Agriculture projects for our churches (bean, peanut, cassava, eddoes)

  • Pay for the construction of the school in Konia

  • Pay for the construction of the church in Bomi Hill and Zuwulor

  • Help us with school feeding in two of our schools (Konia and Peter’s Town)

  • Children community feeding program in four centers

  • We chair the OCC (Operation Christmas Child) program in Liberia

We also partner with Liberty Baptist Church (Chelsea, AL), Brookwood Church (Simpsonville, SC), Amis Chapel Baptist Church (Oxford, NC), and Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church (Laurens, SC).

Funds received from these groups help pay pastors and support project such as:

  • Pig farm in Konia

  • Goat and sheep farm in Bomi Hill

  • Rabbit farm in Konia

  • Church construction

  • Transportation

  • School fees for some pastors (Bible College training)

  • Pastors retreats and conferences

Great Commission Movement of Liberia (Campus Crusade for Christ International)

We also partner with GCM—Liberia. They have given us the Jesus Film unit and sometimes they give us used clothes and food for distribution among our church members.

Broadview Canada

Our new partnership is with Broadview in Canada to reach the town of Malawu, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary

The Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary gives us students to work along side our pastors for six weeks every year.

Financial report is made to supporters every month or after a funded project is completed.