Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jawajeh & Yangayah

New Ministry Opening in Jawajeh and Yangayah

In February 2007, we officially opened our church planting ministry in Jawajeh and Yangayah amongst the Gola tribe. Pastor Rennie Carr and his wife are the pastor leaders. Davidson and Mrs. Mulbah were assigned to do Community Health Education in the Jawajeh area. Presently, we have six churches with three underway for worship place construction.

Pastor Shiref and the late Ma Watter were assigned in the Yangajah area. Presently, we have eight churches planted in this area. Watter and Shiref also did Community Health Education. The “Jesus Film” was shown in all 14 villages and over 4,000 people prayed to receive Christ. Up to this point, we have 23 churches and 27 pastors.

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