Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A different kind of rice Christian

UNLEASHED: to be free; uncontained, able to run, able to move about freely; without restriction, restraint, or tight control; moving with power and force 

As Liberia celebrated Thanksgiving in early November, CRCA was sending Home Mission teams to three different places across the country. The Church was ‘unleashed’ as God’s power and goodness were displayed through acts of loving service, evangelism, and Biblical teaching. The first team, composed of our Mission Pastor and Evangelism Team, left for the Bassa area to conduct leadership training and extend evangelism work on the theme “Operation Andrew”. Using Gospel video showings of “The Jesus Film” and “The God Story”, the team shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with people deep into the interior and paved the way for the regional conference to happen in Buchanan (Bassa Region) during the first week of 2010.

Another team of about 150 CRCA church members from Monrovia, Peter’s Town, Soul Clinic, and Jawajeh went to help harvest the church rice farm in Tumukolia. The rice farm is one of the agricultural projects that the Tumukolia CRCA church has started to help them be self-sustaining and a blessing to their community. The team enjoyed hard work together in the blazing sun while singing songs of praise to our great God in the various dialects represented. CRCA staff member Dawosu Gayflor, who was part of the team, said “The trip was interesting because not only did we harvest the rice, but we enjoyed time of fellowship and celebration together. Even though it was hard work in the hot sun, we were happy to do it because we consider each other brothers and sisters.” After two days of hard work, the rice was harvested and the Body of Christ was joyfully exhausted. The large number of volunteers and their hard work also served as an evangelistic tool showing the entire Tumukolia community the unity, love, and power of Jesus Christ through His church!

The third team was made up of the combined partnership efforts of CRCA, Samaritan’s Purse, Water of Life, Southside Church in South Carolina, USA, and the church on the ground in Grand Cape Mount County. The mission was to share the love of Jesus with a mostly Muslim community. Pastor and Mother Zubah and the Samaritan’s Purse CHE team laid good spiritual foundation and were happy to receive and work with the teams. Through medical clinics and drilling water wells, the teams were able to serve the communities in Jesus name and plant seeds of truth and hope in the minds of people that need to know who Jesus really is—our Savior, God, and coming King!

CRCA Prayer Requests:
*God’s wisdom, leading, and guidance for the future direction of CRCA  
*CRCA sustainable projects—sufficient to help meet the needs of our churches and communities
*CRCA Youth Conference in December
*Continuous Spiritual growth and fruit
*CRCA Regional training and conferences
*Operation Andrew—Evangelism efforts
*CRCA schools—teaching staff & students
*Austrian mission team coming in January; Brookwood and Water of Life teams in February
*CRCA’s vision to put Liberian missionaries in Gambia and Guinea next year
*God to receive the glory for His work in Liberia and in His people!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baptism in Jawajeh

In mid-August a plane from the U.S. carried a Water of Life mission team to Liberia. The team members, although just meeting each other for the first time, were bonded in heart as they came to love and serve the Gola people in Jawajeh. They were joined by the Water of Life Liberia team and the hosting CRCA team and travelled to the Jawajeh region. They carried with them equipment and the heart to serve these people in need by providing water wells, medical clinics, evangelistic efforts, and children’s ministry. Despite difficult, muddy roads all of the vehicles and team members arrived safe and ready to work. They were welcomed with open arms. 

The water team had a difficult start, but finally hit water in a village called Denyondee and completed the well. As the community received water to drink they were also told about ‘The Water of Life’—Jesus Christ. The medical team also saw God’s hand in the midst of trials as one newborn baby died, and the baby’s mother given fluid intravenously, thereby preserving her life. Another small child was also saved after being rushed to a hospital in the city by two team members. Additional medications were purchased half way through the mission in order to adequately treat the remaining villages. 

In the evenings, the “Jesus Film” and the “God Story” videos were shown by the CRCA evangelism team throughout the villages for the purpose of mass evangelism. The Holy Spirit moved and many people put their trust in Jesus. As the team from the states left, many were sad to see them go, but the bonds that form while serving the Lord together will continue throughout eternity!

The short term evangelism efforts in the area were followed up by two CRCA team members, Winston (Evangelism Coordinator) and Jallah (CRCA pastor). The two-man team joined forces with the 15 CRCA pastors and evangelists in the Jawajeh region to carry “Operation Andrew” from village to village proclaiming, like Andrew in John 1, “We have found the Messiah.” This operation lasted for five weeks. The churches were strengthened and encouraged as a result of this work. The team organized prayer meetings, revival services, Gospel centered film showings, and leadership training for pastors and evangelists.

The leaders were taught how to lead small group Bible studies and how to use the chronological Bible storytelling series with visual aids published by New Tribe Ministry and IMB. They worked together with the local pastors and evangelists to set up Bible studies and follow-up with new believers in the nineteen villages. The efforts were fruitful and a baptism service was planned for new brothers and sisters to publicly profess what Jesus has done in their lives.

On October 17, 2009, some CRCA staff members joined the others in Jawajeh for the baptism of 20 new believers! The testimonies were beautiful! One brother, Andrew, told his story; “I grew up in a Muslim home, but the best school in the area was a Christian school. My parents sent me to that school and now, years later, I have become a Christian and want to be baptized.” There was celebration, drum beating, sassa shaking, and dancing through the town as believers walked to and from the baptism site. The rejoicing in the town of Jawajeh served as a true witness and invitation to the community to “Come and see Jesus, the Man who has told us everything!” 

Those who intended to be baptized made a circle and held hands and prayed while the rest surrounded them in prayer. The Baptism was followed by a church service encouraging the body of Christ in Jawajeh to continue with “Operation Andrew” in fulfillment of Jesus’ Great Commission to “make disciples”. We eagerly anticipate the next baptism in Jawajeh as these new disciples go and make disciples!    

Sunday, November 1, 2009

2010 CRCA Calendar

Konia Region
2nd and 3rd
Austrian Missions Team
TL: Rob
1)    Church Leadership Training
2)    Children’s Ministry
3)    Medical Clinic
4)    Church Construction
5)    Mass Evangelism Effort (Film evangelism)

Feb. 2nd-Feb. 13th
Water of Life
1)    Evangelism
2)    Water Wells
3)    Medical Clinics
4)    Children’s Ministry
Buluyema Forest,
Konia Region
Feb. 21st-
Mar. 5th
TL: Nick
1)    Jesus Film
2)    Medical Clinic
3)    Church Construction
4)    Children’s Ministry
CRCA Office,
Monrovia Church

1)    Office Work
2)    Newsletter
Tumukolia Region
8 days

v Leadership Conference Topics:
a.     Evangelism Training & One to One Witnessing (film ministry)
b.    How to lead small group Bible study (Discipleship Training)
c.     Training in Church Finances
d.    Vision Casting for sustainable Projects

May 4th-May 15th
Water of Life
1)    Jesus Film
2)    Medical Clinic
3)    Church Construction
Children’s Ministry
Yangaryea Region
8       days

v Leadership Conference Topics:
a.     Evangelism Training & One to One Witnessing (film ministry)
b.    How to lead small group Bible study (Discipleship Training)
c.     Training in Church Finances
d.    Vision Casting for sustainable Projects
Jawajeh Region
& Yomo Town
8 days

v Leadership Conference Topics:
a.     Evangelism Training & One to One Witnessing (film ministry)
b.    How to lead small group Bible study (Discipleship Training)
c.     Training in Church Finances
d.    Vision Casting-- sustainable Projects
Monrovia Region
8 days

Annual Women’s Conference

Aug. 10th-Aug. 21st
Water of Life
1)    Jesus Film
2)    Medical Clinic
3)    Church Construction
4)    Children’s Ministry

Republic of Guinea

Three weeks
Konia region CRCA churches
Mass evangelism
Bassa Region
8 days

v Leadership Conference Topics:
a.     Evangelism Training & One to One Witnessing (film ministry)
b.    How to lead small group Bible study (Discipleship Training)
c.     Training in Church Finances
d.    Vision Casting for sustainable Projects


Nov. 2nd- Nov. 13th
Water of Life
1)    Jesus Film
2)    Medical Clinic
3)    Church Construction
4)    Children’s Ministry
Monrovia Region

CRCA Annual Conference

Saturday, October 17, 2009

CRCA Connect

Love from Liberia! It seems that there is always almost too much news to report from Christian Revival Church Association because a lot is happening in a short time, but for that we praise God. We can see the Lord’s handiwork and faithfulness all around us. We are grateful for partners with us in the Great Commission. We have joy and hope in our salvation—knowing we are where God wants us right now and also knowing where we will be for all eternity. We are the clay, He is the Potter; we are the field workers, He is the Master Gardener! And like Jesus said in Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” 

As we have recently launched “Operation Andrew” (from Andrew’s example and the fruit that God gave from it in John 1:35-51), we have been fervently praying that the Lord would bring more laborers and that He would use us to reach the lost in our individual families and communities and in the community surrounding our church with the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. This operation gets to the very heart of CRCA, and even to the very heart of Jesus, Himself. As His very last words before returning to Heaven, Jesus commanded us to, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). What a loving Savior, willing that no one should perish and giving those who He has saved, those that know and love Him, the joy of sharing His love with the lost world around us!

We are going to share our news in installments, starting with the summer past. I am blessed to have a scribe to take over this challenging job of reporting the wonderful things that God is doing here; and that person is none other than my helpmate—Mrs. Vania Aggrey.  Enjoy your first installment of “CRCA CONNECT”…we have given it that name since the goal is to help us stay connected—both for continued prayer and for us all to be able to rejoice and praise God together for what He is doing!

Summer Pains and Gains
(Vania Aggrey)

Summertime for CRCA was filled with joy and excitement as well as trials and challenges. Starting in early June, we had the joy of dedicating the new CRCA van that was donated by Mount Lebanon Church in Greer, South Carolina. The van has already been useful in transporting people to and from church services and other events; and we see it being very valuable for transporting people during conferences in the future. Then a few weeks following, we were able to commemorate the completion of our Monrovia church building 2nd floor construction in a day of dedication and celebration. As everybody assembled for prayer before the service, a cross was hung on the building, committing it to God. The building along with the people that worship inside and all of the ministries that take place inside were dedicated to the Lord in a special ribbon cutting ceremony. (The funding for finishing the 2nd Phase of the long anticipated and much needed church building project were graciously donated by a couple from Liberty Baptist Church in Chelsea, AL.)

By God’s grace, 26 people from the Peter’s Town area Christian Revival Church, ranging in age from 24-76, were baptized, boldly professing faith in our Lord. Also, we were blessed through the work and friendship of S.A.N.D. (Don, Lois, & their daughter Rudina Sobkoviak). They brought the love of Jesus and their expertise in agricultural work to share with CRCA churches in the Jawajeh and Konia areas. Seeds and training were given to plant and grow vegetable gardens and there were more than 40 graduates from the training program.

At the end of June, on the very day that Dennis planned to leave for Wisconsin to get ready for his wedding, a great trial came for CRCA. Just after making a withdrawal for ministry purposes, one of our church workers, Dawosu, was robbed at gunpoint and the money for months of ministry (as well as her own personal money and possessions) was stolen. Thankfully, by the grace of God Dawosu was not injured. (To this day we continue to pray and cooperate with the local police as they investigate and ensure us that they are closer to concluding and bringing about justice. Please continue to pray with us in this matter.) Then, only days following the shock and discouragement of the stolen money came a beautiful blessing born in the hearts of many children in Wisconsin. The children of Waushara Community Church’s Vacation Bible School made Liberia their mission partner. They wrote notes of encouragement and sent pictures to the children of Liberia and donated their mission’s money to provide VBS to children in Liberia. The love and the timing of the gift could have only been of God! 

In July, there were joyous events for CRCA happening on opposite sides of the ocean. As CRCA women from across Liberia were meeting in the newly open church in Malawu for the annual Women’s Conference, Dennis and Vania were preparing for marriage in Wisconsin, USA. The first ever Women’s Conference in Malawu, a city formerly synonymous with darkness and evil, was a success. What a joy for women from around Liberia to join together for teaching, fellowship, and worship! One of the greatest successes as described by Mrs. Yassah David is “the love that women from rural areas feel when women from Monrovia and around the country come to their home. Many times people from upcountry are looked down upon so the unity that was seen in the conference brought joy and encouragement.” The same way God has transformed Malawu, He has started transformation in the lives of women in Liberia. The theme for this year’s conference was “The Role of Christian Women: in the home, in the community, and in the church”. The teaching really served to illuminate Scripture and encourage the women in their personal lives resulting in many re-dedicating their lives to Jesus Christ.   

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin friends and family from across America were assembling in Waushara County on July 18th to join in the celebration of Dennis and Vania’s wedding. Many family members and friends helped in numerous ways to make the day successful, memorable, and beautiful. The message for the wedding centered on God’s great love for us and how that love relates to husbands and wives. There was celebration and rejoicing as God made two into one!

By August 9th, the Aggreys were back to Liberia and warmly received at the airport with the singing, dancing, and prayers of many Liberian family members and friends. Also, a beautiful Monrovia Wedding Celebration was in the works. The program was complete with a gowning of the couple, gift giving, a lovely dinner, and dancing. The American wedding video was shown for all to watch and everyone enjoyed seeing Americans singing Liberian worship songs. Two hearts and two cultures joined; to God be the glory!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2010 Goals

CRCA 2010 Goals
To strengthen existing ministries through regional leadership  training
To maintain an evangelistic-mission minded focus for the local and global expansion of God’s Kingdom
To continue community development through sustainable business and agricultural projects

Expansion Plan:
Local Missions:
Yomo Town—Yomo Town Region,  Bomi County (amongst the Gola people)
Buluyema Forest (Buluyema Clan)—Konia Region, Lofa County
Foreign Missions:
Gambia & Guinea

Agricultural Projects for all existing regions
Ongoing church construction in Peter’s Town, Monrovia Region
School construction in Yomo Town, Jawajeh Region
Church construction in Kpassagizia and Buluyema Forest, Konia Region
Peter Toe Orphanage School Construction—Brewerville

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Churches and Preaching Points

Summary: As of August 31, 2009 CRCA has 38 churches and 20 preaching points. A church is defined as a group of committed followers of Jesus Christ participating in regular Sunday worship services under the leadership of an evangelist or pastor who reside in that town or village. Preaching points are newer areas of ministry in which an evangelist travels to the location for weekly Bible study with the believers.

Monrovia Region
Churches: Monrovia, Soul Clinic—Paynesville, Peter’s Town, Kpondeh Town, Browns Town, Suehn
Preaching Points: Peter Toe Orphanage, Brewerville

Konia Region (Lofa County)
Churches: Konia, Dorzinalor, Bomi Hills, Farssayeazu, Ziggida, Zuwulor, Bokezar, Wakeza, Kpassagizia, ZorZor, Malawu, Kalamai, Tuta
Preaching Points (Malawu area), Weadeyeazue , Boita, Vaine Village, Zealapala

Jawajeh Region
Churches: Jawajeh, Jaffa Town, Sayjilum, Lowah, Willie Town, Yomo Town
Preaching Points: Guie Town , Domagbamatima, Bonbor Town, Tino Village, Jorlu Village, Goghen, Gongor Town, Geveh Fancee Town, Muana Town, Wolobah Village, Deyondee, Kpai Town, Jenneh Town

Yangaryea Region
Churches: Yangaryea, Okai and Cassell’s Villages, Daniel’s Village, Gbong, Noliboi
Preaching Points: Sackoi Camp

Tumukolia Region
Churches: Tumukolleh, Gokalla, Kailo, Nyeafu Town
Preaching Points: Yvota Town

Bassa Region
Churches: Buchanan, Paytoe Town, Whorkpee Town, Vorlugal Town, Feetuah Town

Friday, October 2, 2009

CRCA Personnel
Monthly Salaries and Job Descriptions for CRCA Staff
sponsored by Brookwood Church

Administration—CRCA Support Staff

Dennis Aggrey—Mission Director $1,100
Willie Y. Johnson—Assistant Missions Director & Konia Regional Coordinator $ 350
Sam K. Tabolo—Missions Pastor & Monrovia Regional Coordinator $ 350
Yassah J. David—Community Development Coordinator $ 500
Dawosu Gayflor—Office Administrator $ 250
Vania Aggrey—Administrative Coordinator $ 800
Zubah Aggrey $100
Edwin Bakay Kpabee—Chief Driver $100
Winston Carmo—Evangelism Coordinator (Jesus Film Leader) $100

Administration Total $3,650
Ministerial Staff

Rennie Carr—Yomo Town Regional Coordinator $100
Stephen Jallah—Yangaryea Regional Coordinator $100
William Carter—Tumukolia Regional Coordinator $100
William Zinnah—Peter’s Town & Browns Town Pastor $100
James Forkpa—Konia Pastor $ 25
Anthony Jallah—Suehn Pastor $100
Gayflor Aggrey—Malawu Pastor $100
Samson Jones –Borkaze Pastor $ 25
Quona Branch—Jawajeh Regional Coordinator $100
Johnny Chenney—Jawajeh Evangelist $100
Junior David—Kpondeh Town Evangelist $ 50

New Ministries
Peter Toe—Orphanage Staff $
Oliver Gaye—Bassa Regional Coordinator $0
Peter K. Vonndeh—Soul Clinic Pastor $0

*No regular support given, but currently observing these ministries and have given support with fuel, food, evangelism efforts, financial aid, training etc.

Ministerial Total $900

Continuing Education

Augustus Yekeh—Kpondeh Town Pastor/Student $100
Weegie Beyan—Fassayeazu Evangelist/Student $ 25
Gayflor Korvah—Bomi Hill Evangelist/Student $ 25
Pastor Paul Aggrey (Africa Bible Collage)—one time Gift (TBD) $400

Continuing Education Total $550

CRCA School Staff

Konia Christian Revival Mission School—Konia, Lofa County

John Kucuyoiyoigee –Supervisor of Konia Feeding Program
& Konia School Principal $0
David K. Tarnue—Teacher $50
James Forkpah—Teacher $50
Farzee M. Johnson—Teacher $50
Eric F. Gwee—Teacher $50
Paul G. Aggrey—Teacher $50
Korto Johnson—Teacher $50
Korboi Z. Beyen—Teacher $50
David K. Wuelleh—Teacher $50
Jeremiah M. Sumo—Teacher $50
J. Yamahson Argba—Teacher $50

Konia School Total $500

Merle Schukoske School—Peter’s Town
Joseph Giddings—Supervisor of Peter’s town School
& Peter’s Town School Principal $0
Kenneth Wilson—Teacher $50
Sarah Z. Mulbah—Teacher $50
John F. Kpangeh—Teacher $50
Sahr S. Allieu—Teacher $50
Samuel Q. Badio—Teacher $50
Peter’s Town School Total $250

Kpondeh Town School—Kpondeh Town
Augustus Yekeh—Teacher $0
Phebe Sackie—Teacher $50
Tonia Peal—Teacher $25
Kpondeh Town School Total $75

Bomi Hills School—Lofa County
G. Zubadu Garweinzu—Teacher $50

Malawu Christian Revival School—Lofa County
Gayflor Sumuyowo $0
Galupa Sumuyowo $0

Yangaryea School—Gbarpolu County
--Teacher $0
--Teacher $0

Yomo Town School
--Teacher $0
--Teacher $0
--Teacher $0

CRCA Schools Total $875

CRCA (Brookwood paid) Personnel Total per-month $5,575

Note: (The one time gift of $400 not included)

Community Development Report

I. Tumukolia Region

A. Fish Pond
1. Six Fish Ponds (Tilapia and Catfish)
2. Harvested several times—last harvested Dec. ‘08/Jan. ‘09
B. Rice Farm
1. 15 tins of seed rice planted over several 16 acres
2. To be harvested between Nov. & Dec. 2009this year
C. Cassava Farm/Patch
1. Monrovia Region Youth Cassava Patch—the youth planted
Cassava in Tumukolia and will harvest January 201
2. Jawajeh and Tumukolleh youth also support this projec
D. Cassava Farm
1. Women of Tumukolia Church plant and harvest the farm which help support evangelism efforts in their area.

II. Jawajeh Region

A. Coconut Plantation—After seven years, this farm will be a source of income.
B. Community Empowerment in Organic Farming
1. Agricultural project in partnership with SAND (Sustainable Agricultural Nutritional Development
2. Seeds and training given to plant and grow vegetable gardens
3. 40+ Graduates from this program
C. Pre-School -- ABC through 3rd Grade (in Yomo town); Three teachers
D. Rice Farm -- Project undertaken by the local church in Yomo Town area
E. Rabbits -- Pair recently given from Konia
F. Guest House -- Recent missions trip generated US $220 income to be used towards Jawajeh Region (Willie Town) church construction

III. Yangaryea Region
A. Study Class -- 50 Students; Two teachers

IV. Monrovia Region

A. Kpondeh Town
1. Pre-School: (50 Students; Three teachers, including Principal)
2. Cassava Farms
a. One farm was done by School students
b. Second farm is community’s support project for the school.
c. Community Coal Project—Monrovia Church work with the community to burn coal in support of the school project.

B. Peter’s Town
1. Elementary School
a. 120 students
b. Six paid teachers, including Principal whose salary comes from Feeding Program
c. School Feeding Program supported by Samaritan’s Purse
2. Church Construction underway
3. Water well and hand pump through Water of Life in
process of being installed

V. Konia Region (by location of projects)

A. Malawu
1. Pre-School
a. 58 students;Two teachers
c. Student operated vegetable garden, primarily potato greens and beans
d. School Feeding Program through Samaritan’s Purse
B. Bomi Hills -- Pre-School (through 1st Grade)
C. Zuwulor -- Church owned one goat (currently pregnant)
D. Dorzinalor -- Raising Goat
E. Borkeza -- Church Peanut Farm
F. Wakesu -- Church Peanut Farm
G. Kpassagizia -- Church Peanut Farm
H. Konia
1. Elementary and Junior High School (through 8th grade)
a. 2008-2009 School Year Stats
1) 379 Students
2) 17 paid teachers (scheduled to increase to 20 teachers for 2009-2010 school year)
b. School operated vegetable garden
c. School sponsored piggery project—one pig currently
d. School feeding program supported by Samaritan’s Purse

2. Church Sponsored Projects
a. Fish Pond
1) Six Ponds (Tilapia fish)
2) Two Caretakers (paid 400LD/$6USD each per month)
b. Rabbits
1) Initial rabbits died
2) New rabbits doing well, reproducing often
3) Pair of rabbits given to Jawajeh
4) Currently 10 rabbits
c. Piggery
1) Three of first five died (total of 18 died throughout project life)
2) Samaritan’s Purse brought 7 additional pigs
3) 20 pigs after reproduction
4) Sold 6, Butchered 2 for CRCA conferences
5) Recently purchased one male and one female delivered 6 living piglets
6) Two Piggery Caretakers (paid 400LD/$6USD each per month)
d. Goat: 3 goats remain after one died; 1 pregnant
e. Chicken: Approximately 40 chickens at start of project (many died from fast spreading chicken disease)
f. Rice Mill
1) Project started 2006
2) Rice Mill Income=
3) Three bags of clean rice given to Rainbow Town Orphanage
4) Two Rice Mill Caretakers (paid 400LD/$6USD each per month)
g. Guest House
1) Began generating income from summer 2008
2) Guest House Fees: International-$10USD/day; local-$5USD/day; $3USD per meal

VI. Truck—Canter
A. Rented out for transport of goods for construction projects, feeding
program areas, and goods to be sold in Monrovia
B. Also rented for transport of people to and from events

VII. Mission 10%
A. All CRCA churches are expected to pay 10% of their tithes and offerings from that local church to the CRCA central account.
B. 10% income can help with general conferences and special programs.