Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Report from Dennis

There is a song we sing in Liberia that says: “My Lord has done it again…He healed the sick, He raised the dead; He has the power to save; He will never change; God has done a miracle, a miracle my God has done it again.”

When Jesus walked the face of this earth, He met all the needs of people. In other words, he was involved in holistic ministry. CRCA in partnership with other organizations is following Jesus’ example in doing ministry in Malawu and other towns and villages throughout Liberia.

Recently, (March 17 –27) CRCA hosted a mission team from Brookwood Church, SC. USA. The team was composed of seven people with three from Austria. Among them were a pastor and a nurse. They worked alone side CRCA church members and the people of Malawu in starting the church construction. The construction of the church in Malawu is funded by Broadview church in Canada through Samaritan’s Purse—Liberia.

Yassah David, who is a staff member of CRCA and also a nurse, worked with the team in conducting the medical clinic. Through this initiative, 254 children and adults were treated and given medical care in two towns (Malawu and Kailemai).

The Jesus film video was shown in Kailema in the Lorma dialect and 110 adults and 64 children gave their lives to Christ. We have been blessed with a new set of equipments for the Jesus Film ministry.

CRCA in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse has helped put roofs on all the houses in Malawu, build one pit-latrine, put Boi-sand water file in all the houses, pre-school with feeding program and adult Literacy program has also started. Many people are turning away from the practice of witchcraft and joining the church of Jesus Christ. Our God is a miracle working God. There is HOPE!

We were truly blessed by the Brookwood Church mission team. I sensed that they felt blessed too. Before the team left, some of the folks from Brookwood were already planning to come back next year February for a much more difficult project, and the pastor from Austria is determined to bring a team in January 2010.

I was once warned by one of my mentors to always be on guard against Satan’s attacks. While God is crushing His enemy in many area of Satan’s kingdom, he has a record of counter-attacking other instruments that God is using. While CRCA is seeing God working great miracles, in our ministry, there are those who are blinded to the improvement taking place throughout Liberia.

This attitude is discouraging to us and we sense it is stealing the joy of others who are partnering with us. Please continue to pray with us and for all who are serving Christ in Liberia.

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