Monday, September 7, 2009

Operation Andrew

Operation Andrew Evangelistic Outreach Plan

Jawajeh Region
Duration: September 4-October 15, 2009

v Goals: CRCA already has churches, preaching points, pastors, and evangelists in 9 towns within the Jawajeh and Yomo Town Regions among the Gola people. This effort will target 15 towns in that region with Jesus Film and other gospel film showings, individual and group evangelism efforts, leadership training, follow-up for new converts, small group Bible study, and discipleship training.

v Objective : After Operation Andrew Evangelistic efforts, the people of Jawajeh region by the grace of God will be able to:
Ø Acquire basic knowledge and skills in evangelism and awaken a spirit of evangelism in line with Jesus’ Great Commission
Ø Re-access their own spiritual lives and grow in their walk with the Lord
Ø Conduct follow-up meetings and disciple new believers
Ø Effectively handle the work of the ministry within the region
Ø Revitalize the spiritually dead and dying churches
Ø Extend the work of evangelism into new towns and villages
Ø Organize a regional evangelism team for visitation, follow-up, and discipleship

v Target Groups:
Ø Church Leaders & Evangelists
Ø New converts for discipleship
Ø Backsliders for rededication
Ø Community structures/leaders
Ø Youth and children

v Duration/Time Frame:
Ø One month and two weeks
Ø September 4, 2009 through October 15, 2009
Ø Similar effort to be repeated in Bassa County in November, 2009 and Suehn in December 2009

v Strategies:
Ø Leadership planning and training with CRCA pastors, evangelists, and committed brothers and sisters
Ø Village to village evangelism and outreach
Ø Revival meetings and Gospel oriented film showings (Jesus Film, God's Story, Magdalena, etc.)
Ø Visitations for follow-up and discipleship planning
Ø Small Group Bible study, story-telling method, and follow-up
Ø Seminars and training workshops
Ø Evaluation and follow-up plan

v Activities Schedule:
Ø Week 1
§ Conduct awareness meetings with pastors, evangelists, church leaders, and other church members
§ Conduct a TOT preparation workshop with all evangelists in region
§ Prepare detailed schedule for one month and two weeks of activities
§ Conduct Bible study and film showings

Ø Week 2
§ Conduct film showings and Bible study
§ Conduct visitations and follow-up meetings
§ Conduct prayer retreat
§ Conduct discipleship training workshops for new converts
§ Evaluation of week 1&2 activities

Ø Week 3
§ Conduct film showings and Bible study
§ Visitations and follow-up meetings
§ Revival, film showings, and follow-up
§ Evaluation meetings with evangelists
Ø Week 4
§ Conduct film showings and Bible study
§ Visitations and follow-up
§ General Evaluation
§ Preparation of reports
§ Closing Program/Departure
Operation Andrew Evangelistic Outreach Plan
Bassa Region
November 5-November 23, 2009
v Buchannan Training Sessions & Discussion
Ø November 5th-7th, 2009
Ø Morning and Afternoon training sessions
Ø Jesus Film showings in the evenings
Ø Leadership Highlight
Ø Discuss CRCA Policy
v Lodging and Food
Ø Responsibility of Bassa Region
v Jesus Film Schedule
Ø Nov. 5th-7th
§ At the Buchannan Church in the evenings after training sessions
§ Mass evangelism
Ø Nov. 9th-23rd
§ Jesus Film showings in villages surrounding Buchannan

v Fuel Needs
Ø Pick-up= 20 gallons
Generator & Motorbike= 15 gallons

Dennis Aggrey Reports

I guess some of you are already aware of our growing pains. Our ministry has been expanding so fast that we have to constantly keep visiting and strengthening our existing work while we are also expanding to new places. Those of you who know me, know that I like to keep my hands on. But it hasn't been so in some of the places lately because I can not be everywhere at all times.
In the Jawajeh region among the Golas we have had some problems with poor leadership. Prayerfully we have sent a team of leaders to go into that region to help strengthen and expand the work. Winston Carmo, our Evangelism Coordinator, and Anthony Jallah (the pastor for the Suehn area) will be spending five weeks among the Golas in the Jawajeh and Yomo Town areas working with the many young pastors and evangelists. They left Saturday and will be returning mid-October. Both of them have their motorbikes, a few supplies, Jesus film equipment, follow-up materials, and enough food to keep them going.  Attached is an outline of our activities and strategies for the team. We will be repeating these same activities in November in the Bassa Region and in December in Suehn.
We also want to praise God for the great movement of the Holy Spirit in our Monrovia church. We had three nights of revival (Sept. 2-4) at the church and three Sundays already emphasizing "Operation Andrew" (taken from John 1) to do evangelism in the Monrovia area. We have seen many people visiting and responding to the Gospel as a result of this project.