Thursday, October 15, 2009

2010 Goals

CRCA 2010 Goals
To strengthen existing ministries through regional leadership  training
To maintain an evangelistic-mission minded focus for the local and global expansion of God’s Kingdom
To continue community development through sustainable business and agricultural projects

Expansion Plan:
Local Missions:
Yomo Town—Yomo Town Region,  Bomi County (amongst the Gola people)
Buluyema Forest (Buluyema Clan)—Konia Region, Lofa County
Foreign Missions:
Gambia & Guinea

Agricultural Projects for all existing regions
Ongoing church construction in Peter’s Town, Monrovia Region
School construction in Yomo Town, Jawajeh Region
Church construction in Kpassagizia and Buluyema Forest, Konia Region
Peter Toe Orphanage School Construction—Brewerville

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