Saturday, October 3, 2009

Churches and Preaching Points

Summary: As of August 31, 2009 CRCA has 38 churches and 20 preaching points. A church is defined as a group of committed followers of Jesus Christ participating in regular Sunday worship services under the leadership of an evangelist or pastor who reside in that town or village. Preaching points are newer areas of ministry in which an evangelist travels to the location for weekly Bible study with the believers.

Monrovia Region
Churches: Monrovia, Soul Clinic—Paynesville, Peter’s Town, Kpondeh Town, Browns Town, Suehn
Preaching Points: Peter Toe Orphanage, Brewerville

Konia Region (Lofa County)
Churches: Konia, Dorzinalor, Bomi Hills, Farssayeazu, Ziggida, Zuwulor, Bokezar, Wakeza, Kpassagizia, ZorZor, Malawu, Kalamai, Tuta
Preaching Points (Malawu area), Weadeyeazue , Boita, Vaine Village, Zealapala

Jawajeh Region
Churches: Jawajeh, Jaffa Town, Sayjilum, Lowah, Willie Town, Yomo Town
Preaching Points: Guie Town , Domagbamatima, Bonbor Town, Tino Village, Jorlu Village, Goghen, Gongor Town, Geveh Fancee Town, Muana Town, Wolobah Village, Deyondee, Kpai Town, Jenneh Town

Yangaryea Region
Churches: Yangaryea, Okai and Cassell’s Villages, Daniel’s Village, Gbong, Noliboi
Preaching Points: Sackoi Camp

Tumukolia Region
Churches: Tumukolleh, Gokalla, Kailo, Nyeafu Town
Preaching Points: Yvota Town

Bassa Region
Churches: Buchanan, Paytoe Town, Whorkpee Town, Vorlugal Town, Feetuah Town

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