Saturday, October 17, 2009

CRCA Connect

Love from Liberia! It seems that there is always almost too much news to report from Christian Revival Church Association because a lot is happening in a short time, but for that we praise God. We can see the Lord’s handiwork and faithfulness all around us. We are grateful for partners with us in the Great Commission. We have joy and hope in our salvation—knowing we are where God wants us right now and also knowing where we will be for all eternity. We are the clay, He is the Potter; we are the field workers, He is the Master Gardener! And like Jesus said in Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” 

As we have recently launched “Operation Andrew” (from Andrew’s example and the fruit that God gave from it in John 1:35-51), we have been fervently praying that the Lord would bring more laborers and that He would use us to reach the lost in our individual families and communities and in the community surrounding our church with the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. This operation gets to the very heart of CRCA, and even to the very heart of Jesus, Himself. As His very last words before returning to Heaven, Jesus commanded us to, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). What a loving Savior, willing that no one should perish and giving those who He has saved, those that know and love Him, the joy of sharing His love with the lost world around us!

We are going to share our news in installments, starting with the summer past. I am blessed to have a scribe to take over this challenging job of reporting the wonderful things that God is doing here; and that person is none other than my helpmate—Mrs. Vania Aggrey.  Enjoy your first installment of “CRCA CONNECT”…we have given it that name since the goal is to help us stay connected—both for continued prayer and for us all to be able to rejoice and praise God together for what He is doing!

Summer Pains and Gains
(Vania Aggrey)

Summertime for CRCA was filled with joy and excitement as well as trials and challenges. Starting in early June, we had the joy of dedicating the new CRCA van that was donated by Mount Lebanon Church in Greer, South Carolina. The van has already been useful in transporting people to and from church services and other events; and we see it being very valuable for transporting people during conferences in the future. Then a few weeks following, we were able to commemorate the completion of our Monrovia church building 2nd floor construction in a day of dedication and celebration. As everybody assembled for prayer before the service, a cross was hung on the building, committing it to God. The building along with the people that worship inside and all of the ministries that take place inside were dedicated to the Lord in a special ribbon cutting ceremony. (The funding for finishing the 2nd Phase of the long anticipated and much needed church building project were graciously donated by a couple from Liberty Baptist Church in Chelsea, AL.)

By God’s grace, 26 people from the Peter’s Town area Christian Revival Church, ranging in age from 24-76, were baptized, boldly professing faith in our Lord. Also, we were blessed through the work and friendship of S.A.N.D. (Don, Lois, & their daughter Rudina Sobkoviak). They brought the love of Jesus and their expertise in agricultural work to share with CRCA churches in the Jawajeh and Konia areas. Seeds and training were given to plant and grow vegetable gardens and there were more than 40 graduates from the training program.

At the end of June, on the very day that Dennis planned to leave for Wisconsin to get ready for his wedding, a great trial came for CRCA. Just after making a withdrawal for ministry purposes, one of our church workers, Dawosu, was robbed at gunpoint and the money for months of ministry (as well as her own personal money and possessions) was stolen. Thankfully, by the grace of God Dawosu was not injured. (To this day we continue to pray and cooperate with the local police as they investigate and ensure us that they are closer to concluding and bringing about justice. Please continue to pray with us in this matter.) Then, only days following the shock and discouragement of the stolen money came a beautiful blessing born in the hearts of many children in Wisconsin. The children of Waushara Community Church’s Vacation Bible School made Liberia their mission partner. They wrote notes of encouragement and sent pictures to the children of Liberia and donated their mission’s money to provide VBS to children in Liberia. The love and the timing of the gift could have only been of God! 

In July, there were joyous events for CRCA happening on opposite sides of the ocean. As CRCA women from across Liberia were meeting in the newly open church in Malawu for the annual Women’s Conference, Dennis and Vania were preparing for marriage in Wisconsin, USA. The first ever Women’s Conference in Malawu, a city formerly synonymous with darkness and evil, was a success. What a joy for women from around Liberia to join together for teaching, fellowship, and worship! One of the greatest successes as described by Mrs. Yassah David is “the love that women from rural areas feel when women from Monrovia and around the country come to their home. Many times people from upcountry are looked down upon so the unity that was seen in the conference brought joy and encouragement.” The same way God has transformed Malawu, He has started transformation in the lives of women in Liberia. The theme for this year’s conference was “The Role of Christian Women: in the home, in the community, and in the church”. The teaching really served to illuminate Scripture and encourage the women in their personal lives resulting in many re-dedicating their lives to Jesus Christ.   

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin friends and family from across America were assembling in Waushara County on July 18th to join in the celebration of Dennis and Vania’s wedding. Many family members and friends helped in numerous ways to make the day successful, memorable, and beautiful. The message for the wedding centered on God’s great love for us and how that love relates to husbands and wives. There was celebration and rejoicing as God made two into one!

By August 9th, the Aggreys were back to Liberia and warmly received at the airport with the singing, dancing, and prayers of many Liberian family members and friends. Also, a beautiful Monrovia Wedding Celebration was in the works. The program was complete with a gowning of the couple, gift giving, a lovely dinner, and dancing. The American wedding video was shown for all to watch and everyone enjoyed seeing Americans singing Liberian worship songs. Two hearts and two cultures joined; to God be the glory!

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God reveal a goal that does not need some amount of expansion on your side. However, these chances for growth are his technique of moving His children forward.

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