Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paul Aggrey has died . . .

Dear Friends:

It is with sadness of heart and yet joy of spirit and hope of what is to come that I write asking for your prayers. It seems that Jesus has finished the house that He built for our brother, Paul Aggrey, and wanted him to come and occupy it now. I got a call from family yesterday that Paul died after being rushed to the Zorzor hospital. Paul is Dennis' younger brother in Konia. Those of you who have met him know that his whole life was committed to serving God, leading and teaching in the church, and loving the children of Konia. He was a teacher at Konia Christian Revival School, the evangelist for Dorzinelor Christian Revival Church, an active leader of morning devotions at Konia CRC, the leader for the Children's Saturday Bible Studies, and the overseer for some CRCA projects, including the rabbits. He was kind and gentle and well loved by those who knew him. He was young and had hopes and plans to attend African Bible College starting this summer.

Paul is now free from the sin, and pain, and suffering of this world. He is safe and happy. He is in the place that he was created for--Heaven, and with the One that he was created for--God! Rejoice with him!

The Aggrey family, the Christian Revival family, and the Konia community are suffering loss and pain as they try to understand and are missing a dear brother, teacher, son, "father", and friend. Truly only God can fill the gap that is left. Please pray for strength, encouragement, and great faith and hope. Dennis is still deep in Buluyema Forest and someone from Konia was sent to carry the news to him. Please ask God to comfort Dennis and to give him wisdom about what to do. Since he is the big brother of the family he will be the one to help coordinate details. Please also pray for the family members in Monrovia that will not be able to get to Konia. We will all be meeting at our house tonight for a time of prayer together. Please ask God that this time of prayer would be powerful and meaningful and would be used by the Holy Spirit to comfort and remind us of the truth--we Christians don't mourn like those who don't have hope.

Thank you for standing...and kneeling with us.

Standing on the promises of the Risen and Returning Savior...
Vania Aggrey, CRCA

Friday, May 21, 2010

Buluyema Forest

Dear Friends:

"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ." Romans 10:17

Dennis called me from Lofa County and asked me to update you about the exciting plans and the prayer requests of the mission team that he is leading this week. We praise God for opening this door! For some time now, CRCA has been asking God for the people of the Buluyema Forest…for the opportunity to carry the Gospel and to start a church as new brothers and sisters are born into the Family of God. The people in the Buluyema Forest have no church, no Christian influence; they are unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this point. The primary religious practice in the area is animism; specifically including the worship of catfish.
God has graciously called and equipped a 3-man team from CIG, Austria to join the 12 person team from CRCA, Liberia. The team, even as I write, is in the middle of an 8-9 hour hike deep into the bush (jungle) of the Buluyema Forest behind Konia in Lofa County. As Liberia is now in the rainy season, the terrain that they meet up with in the bush may vary from challenging to very difficult in places. The team will make their first camp at a “hub” village called Libilibah, which will hopefully be the center for the future ministry and further church planting as God continues to open up the forest. They will spend two days in the village showing The Jesus Film and The God Story in the Lorma language. They will clearly share the Gospel and take time to share the truth of Scripture with the community. There will be opportunities for follow up with those who put their faith in Jesus Christ and two CRCA evangelists will stay in the village to continue with the spiritual agriculture—that is, the planting and watering!  The rest of the team will continue the journey to 3-4 additional villages, proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel through their love, their words, and the film showings.  After ten days the team will make the trek back to Konia, God willing, leaving behind a new and multiplying church!
Thank you for joining us in prayer for the team and this adventure of faith!

Prayer Requests:
*Salvation to come to the people of Buluyema
*Protection, health, unity, and strength for the team as they hike…that they would be blessed as they shine light, speak truth, and shower love
*The two evangelists that will remain in Libilibah…wisdom, love, solid teaching, and plentiful beautiful fruit
*The Jesus Film equipment
*For solid leaders to be raised up in Buluyema and for future ministry and the surrounding communities
*For God to receive the glory and for the saints to be encouraged and strengthened!

Thank God for God...He is the Good News; He is the Gospel!

Gathered with you in His name,
Vania Aggrey, CRCA