Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dennis and Vania Aggrey

Dennis and Vania Aggrey in August 2010 in North Carolina

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ron bateman said...

Be strong and very courageous, for your God is able to strengthen your arms and lengthen your influence. He has set His eye upon you and calls you to remain loyal and full of hope in this day. As you stand on the edge of your breakthrough the Lord would say, "rejoice for the hour of your Jubilee is at hand. Look up into My eyes and I shall release the fire of My love into your hearts. You shall endure and see today the sign of My hand upon your work. This is why I have called you by name, to know Me and to walk with Me as a reflection of My heart to the nation of Liberia! Tell your people to not be discourage for I the Lord God Almighty have heard the cry of your heart. I am about to do a new work in your day and it shall appear from within the hearts of a worshiping people. It shall come out of My habitation as the sound of a faint trumpet blast and ring in the ears of My intercessors. It shall become a call of assembly, not for battle but for refuge in the day of drought. Awaken the revelatory gift inside of you and listen carefully for My desire is that you gather a remnant of believing elders to see My handiwork so they know it is My hand that has done this great thing and not the hand of man. For I am the Lord your God in the midst of you and I call you to see, to stand and to set your faith upon My Words, today." Blessings Pastor Ron Bateman