Friday, October 1, 2010

Lofa Road breakdown a divine appointment

Lofa Road in 2006
“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

*Heart-felt Greetings to you in Christ Jesus our LORD!*

Although the dry season is almost here now, it wasn’t during our recent trip to Lofa County! The road was already rough and the Land Cruiser was not 100% and the rain kept coming. At one point Dennis said, “This car cannot take us to Konia today.” Not understanding the mind of God and His bigger-than-our-own plans, some of us prayed that He would show His power by miraculously carrying us directly to Konia. When we could go on no longer, we turned around just in time to have the Land Cruiser completely breakdown a short distance from a small village called Dr. Mason Farm. When it was clear that we would be staying for the night, we cooked dinner and the families there were kind enough to give all of us places to sleep. 

The Evangelism Team set up the big screen and their equipment and the local people spread the word to the neighboring houses and villages that The Jesus Film would be shown. Little did we know that the miracle God was going to do was far greater than the one that we asked him for. That night God opened the eyes of 18 people who came that night to follow Jesus and they prayerfully committed their lives to Him! God did show His power in a way mightier than we knew to ask or could even imagine!

The next day, after passing through some tough muddy spots, our team arrived in Konia before dark. The Evangelism Team was on the road again with a packed schedule for evangelistic efforts around Lofa County through use of The Jesus Film (video). During the 10-day trip, the team was able, by God’s grace, to do eight film showings in seven different places, with the Gospel-proclaiming efforts being followed up by the local CRCA churches and pastors. In one big city, Zorzor, nearly 1,000 people turned up to watch Jesus speaking Lorma and Kpelle (the local dialects) in the presentation of the Gospel of Luke brought to living color through The Jesus Film. The pastors and evangelists found the task of getting an exact count of the droves of people practically impossible and of those almost 1,000 viewers, more than 100 confessed Jesus Christ as their Savior that night! Thanks be to God!

Back at the Konia base, the CRCA support staff members along with the new Lofa County Regional Coordinator (Pastor Zubah Stevens), were hosting meetings and working closely with the Konia Christian Revival Church and school. The church has a strong presence in Konia and is known for loving and helping the community. Bible studies and fellowship meetings are held weekly outside various church members’ homes and daily morning devotions are held at the church at 5:30AM every morning. 

Upon sitting in on a few of these weekly activities and observing the Christians’ lives, it is clear to see that they are not content to simply hold meetings and programs, but they truly want to gain wisdom and understanding from God’s Word and then practically apply it in their daily lives. What a joy to be together with this deepening and multiplying body of Brothers and Sisters!

The Konia CRCA School, likewise, is an example of constant and growth and blessing. There are currently 447 students from Nursery to 9th Grade. The school has become highly respected in Lofa County and beyond; even Muslim parents are sending their children to the school in hopes of a better education and a brighter future. Recently a representative of the Ministry of Education recommended that the school apply for a government grant for a project to construct more classrooms with the intention of extending Konia Christian Revival to high school level. 

God and the government gave favor, the money was allotted, and the project is slated to start early next year. The school is step by step becoming self-sustaining and some of the money that it and the other CRCA schools have generated is being used to start a new school this year—Christian Revival School in Jungle Farm in Margibi County! We pray that God will continue to use CRCA to minister to children and their parents and that we might be part of raising up disciples for Jesus and giving them all of the tools to equip them to do anything that God might call them to in the future!

Thanks be to our God, the Creator and giver of wisdom, for His ways that are above ours and for His Sovereignty in all things!
  • Pray for our upcoming Annual Conference (Dec. 27-31). Ask for unity and success in the planning and preparing; our first planning meeting is scheduled for Thursday (9/30). Our theme this year is “It Shall Be Well” taken from Romans 8:18 and 2 Corinthians 4:7-18.
  • Pray for the CRCA Evangelism team—for strength, for fruit, for wisdom, and for discipleship/follow-up efforts. The team has specifically asked for prayer for the new believers, that they would be firmly rooted in the Truth and follow Jesus throughout their lives.
  • Praise God for our 7 CRCA Schools. Please pray for Yassah David (Project Coordinator), Zubah Aggrey (School Coordinator), the principals, administrators, teachers, and students. Please pray that our kids would be “trained in the way they should go” and equipped to serve God in any way that He may lead them in the future. 
  • Please pray for our Brother and Sister, David and Judy Humphries, who will be leaving the US on Saturday (10/2) to come to Liberia to serve with CRCA for two months. Please also pray for other individuals and teams who God is raising up to work with us later this year also and for our plans and schedule for next year.
  • Please pray for our pastors and evangelists and their families who are transitioning into new field assignments:
    • Pastor Zubah and Mother Nyenpue Stevens (3 sons: Junior, Moses, and Abraham)—Lofa Regional Coordinator
    • Pastor Sam Tabolo (wife Paulsha and sons Paul and Gabriel)—Jawajeh Regional Coordinator and Pastor
    • Johnny Chenney (fiancé Jeanette and children Webster, Joseph, and Esther)—Evangelist and Teacher in Peter's Town
    • Elder Rennie and Ma Kpanah Carr—Brewerville Evangelist
    • Pastor Willie Johnson (wife Farzee and daughters Larme, Zygbo, Malay, Comfort, and Yassah)—Liberia Baptist Seminary Student and Monrovia Pastor
    • Pastor Jallah Anthony—Monrovia Assistant Pastor
  • Pray for wisdom, unity, effectiveness, and true team work in the CRCA family.
  • Pray for the CRCA churches and their projects to continue to bear fruit.
  • Pray for God’s continual leading and direction for the future, that we would hear His voice and listen.
  • Our prayer for our partners (you!)—that you would be encouraged and blessed by all that God is doing here through our joint effort. Thank God!

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