Monday, November 15, 2010

21 Baptized in Borkeza!

Borkeza is the town where CRCA church members have suffered ostracism and persecution recently. 
Read about it here. But our God is a mighty God!  

This morning God brought a wonderful breakthrough, a rainbow after the storm! 

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement for our brothers and sisters in Borkeza. It has been challenging there over these last months. As some of you know, the leaders of the town put sanctions against the Christians there, saying that anyone who spoke to them would be fined. 

Although they didn't ever officially start to follow through on that, many family members and friends of the Christians started to ostracize them. 

Pastor Samson called today with a joyful report of a baptism service in which 21 people were baptized! The church rejoiced dancing through the town and even others were joining in. They also had their first communion service ever. 

God is faithful! Thanks for your continued prayers and love. 

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Revival said...

We are excited to hear what God is doing in Liberia. Our hope is a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit as you minister and raise up new disciples in Christ. Praise the Lord for the harvest. Blessings upon you from the USA! Pastor Ron Bateman
We shall continue to pray.