Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Badezu, Buluyema Forest & Guinea

News from the follow-up trip on the frontier of Badezu deep in the Buluyema Forest of Liberia, West Africa…

After God blessed our team (Liberians, Austrians, Americans, and Belarusians) with the opportunity to fly into Badezu by chopper on a one day trip, Pastor Willie Johnson was able to lead a team of 5 back on the long hike to the Buluyema Forest for a week long follow-up ministry there. We received a call upon Pastor Willie’s return that the trip was blessed and productive. The team was able to visit homes from village to village and host daily morning devotions and daily evening worship services. During their time there, 28 people prayed to receive Christ and the Sunday morning worship service had 68 adults in attendance from Badezu alone. There is one brother in position to continue some discipleship and teaching while he is in Buluyema.

Work on a water-well for the community has been started, and also eager hands are joining together to make blocks to be used in the construction of a building for worship and guest lodging! Please continue to praise God for His heart that all might know Him and belong to Him and pray for the discipleship and growth and encouragement for our new brothers and sisters!

After our fruitful visit to Guinea just about a week ago, Pastor Harris (our pastor in Kpassagizia) has been able to cross the border for Bible study in the biggest town across the Guinea/Liberia border! The few believers there have planned with Pastor Harris to have a weekly Bible study on Wednesday evenings in their town. The Gospel attack across the border that we have been praying about for so long now is really coming to life—please pray for continued laborers in the field…the harvest is ripe indeed!

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Revival said...

Excellent work, you are breaking into the new opportunities God has made available. Keep your courage and do not loose heart, there will be conflict and hardship but only for a short season. I believe you are seeing the handiwork of the Lord as He opens up the paths before you. It is a rich and wonderful favor you are under today so do not take anything for granted and praise Him as you go. I see you are beneath the shadow of His canopy, allow the fresh anointing of His Holy Spirit to fall upon you as you move. Blessings, We continue to pray, but we are also rejoicing with you. Amen Pastor Ron Bateman www.revivalhut.com